Tuesday, 13 November 2012


 Why people like to dey find my mouth so, ehn?

Life stays giving me plenty gist for y'all without me even trying. Now that I think on it some more, not such a bad deal. Imagine if life were predictable? I'd cry myself to sleep every minute!!!

Anyhoo... Hello darlings!!! It's Tuesday, Yo!!!!! Friday night fever creeping into every pore I possess, makes me want to jump up on my desk and do the quick-step! (No, I don't do the "gangnam". Yet. I'm waiting for either Rih-Rih or Beyonce to "sexify" the dance. I've got an image to preserve. Then again, I saw Heidi do the Gangnam at the EMA’s and she’s as HOT as it gets so I have to learn that dance now, hehe!) Friday is still a couple of days away but don’t blame a girl for being optimistic.

E-hen, back to the gist I want to give you. I got home yesterday evening after a quick stop at Orela Grill to pick up my dinner (mashed potatoes and well-done steak), quickly parked the car and was running to the elevator when a neighbor (Adeola) stopped me and the following conversation ensued:

ADEOLA: "Chickito!!! Just a minute, jor. How now? (Who still says "chickito" btw?)"

 ME: "I'm good, very tired though. Where's the fire? What's up? (This, in a very bored and impatient tone)

 ADEOLA: "Fire ke? (Cackles) hahahaha. You and your humor ehn... You are very funny. There's no fire. You do look very tired. Pele oh, you hear? Sorry."

 ME: "Thank you. What do you want oh, Adeola?"

 ADEOLA: "Oh, Ah yes!! Ermm... Well, I met with some of the other women in the estate this afternoon over lunch."

 Somehow she catches sight of my bag from Orela...

 ADEOLA: "Ah! Orela!!! I like their food so much!!! (You like food, 'Deola. Simple!) Their steak is so juicy and well-spiced, makes me salivate even now. Is there enough for two there, by any chance?"


 ME: "No Adeola, just enough for me. I didn't know I had to buy for the building as well as me. What did you want to talk about, nwanyi?! I'm tired and need to get to my apartment!"

 ADEOLA: Oh, sorry jare, my dear. I tend to get distracted a lot. My husband is always complaining about it. So embarrassing, I tell you. No vex, you hear? Okay, so we all got together over lunch and we all talked about you."

(Like seriously, what's new?)


ADEOLA: "We are all fascinated by your fabulous body and we see you go out in your car every saturday morning dressed for sports. We were wondering if we could entice you into joining all of us on a neighborhood jog every saturday starting at 6am. You seem to be the pro. You could teach us a thing or two"


 Me, jog? These women have got to be kidding me!!! Hahahahahaha!!!! Laugh no gree me. I practically choked laughing. This was a hilarious moment. Me, JOG????


Suffice it to say, I politely convinced her that I'm not the best running mate they could have. Abeg, I cannot shout! Hahahahahahaha!!! This is me laughing in a mix of chinese and abiriba!!! Jog kor, crawl ni!!!

 Okay, I'm off to actually get some work done to justify this month’s salary. I will be going to Sailors Lounge with some of my girls later this evening for FREEDOM HALL. Perfect evening to check out our LaS GiDi competition and drool over the hotties, but most importantly appreciate the arts!
Get out there, kiss someone random, drink some vodka... Have some fun!!

Bisous, XoXo



Toinlicious said...

lmaooo. So wat do u do to keep fit na? I need to see Heidi do that dance o

Miz said...

Dance, dance, dance!!!! That's the best for of exercise (among other things, of course!)

Anonymous said...

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